Through its expertise and understanding of the field, the Bioforce Institute helps international organisations to identify their teams' requirements, and assists them in building capacity in areas such as human resources management, project management, training of trainers, supply chain management, security and so on.

Bioforce develops bespoke processes to help organisations improve their capacity to identify and overcome the challenges their teams face when implementing their mandate.

Following an initial assessment, the Institute puts forward a skills development strategy tailored to suit each organisation:

  • In accordance with its professional practice and operational environment (using its tools and procedures);
  • In accordance with its requirements and limitations; dates, duration, place, language, on-site or 100% e-learning;
  • With bespoke elements such as training, a progressive pathway, post-training support and expertise.

The training provision, which is designed together, is then implemented in line with the Bioforce Institute's teaching methodology (case studies, group work, role play) and delivered by a multi-skilled

team in HR, training of trainers, financial management, project management, safety and security, logistics, WASH, nutrition, etc. An evaluation is carried out during the course, and changes recommended if applicable. Following each stage, we offer to follow up with personalized support in the workplace and to monitor the impact on any change in professional practice and skills recorded by managers and participants.


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