The Bioforce Institute, a founding member of the Training Providers Forum, participated in an e-learning workshop, held on Monday 12 June at the RedR office in London. We presented the first results of a study carried out with IECAH (Instituto de Estudios sobre Conflictos y Acción Humanitaria) on the quality of our e-learning courses. All former participants in e-learning courses delivered by Bioforce were interviewed for this study, in order to understand if e-learning meets the needs of humanitarian workers, students and other professionals. What do the results of the study tell us?

  • They confirm that the e-learning application of the principles of adult learning is perfectly possible and clearly essential for the learning and satisfaction of learners. The tutored e-learning model with, as practiced at Bioforce, is particularly appreciated and effective.
  • The main motivation of the participants to choose an e-learning course is not its price, but rather accessibility and flexibility.
  • Finally, they reveal that the most technologically sophisticated formats, such as videos, are not as much appreciated as the activities that concretely involve the learners.

This is an initial analysis of the data collected, which will be further detailed in a report. We would like to thank all the participants for their involvement!

Monday, June 19, 2017 By lyece