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The francophone regions of West and Central Africa include a large number of countries in crisis due to conflict and / or in relation to climate change. Some of these crises, such as Sahel, DR Congo and CAR, have become chronic and require continuous attention. Others, as those linked to the jihadist influence, require a rapid and significant mobilization of humanitarian assistance in a very complex and unsecure conditions.



We, humanitarian actors, have a responsibility to respond to the important needs in this region. In these specific contexts, our capacity of intervention is very linked to the possibility to operate with trained, qualified and professional human resources.

Today, we face a real problem of recruitment of enough qualified personnel. This problem, shared by all organizations, may limit the capacity of response of each organization operating in these regions.

At the same time we know that there is a considerable demand from people living in these regions to be trained and become a professional humanitarian actor. Since 2012, the number of applications to the vocational training of humanitarian professions received by the Bioforce Institute based in France (Lyon) greatly increases annually to reach nearly 40% of all applications received. For administrative, financial and logistical reasons, the Bioforce Institute cannot meet this demand. In addition, many people who have worked on number of crises in the region for several years do not have the opportunity to recognize and certify their humanitarian experience already gained.

We recognize the interest of the unique offer of vocational trainings of humanitarians1 issued and certified by the Bioforce Institute. The opening of a training Center in Dakar accessible to people of the region would represent a major step forward to improve our capacity for action. We support the establishment of a training center with the objective of strengthening our human resources capacity in a quantitative and qualitative way and thus improve our reactivity and quality of our programs in the region.

Humanitarian aid organizations operating in West and Central Africa (list of signatories as of Octobre 15th, 2016)

  • Action Contre la Faim
  • Croix-Rouge Française
  • Médecins Sans Frontières
  • Handicap International
  • Secours Islamique France
  • Save The Children UK
  • Médecins du Monde
  • Première Urgence Internationale
  • Solidarités International
  • Rescue
  • Triangle Génération Humanitaire
  • DRC Danish Refugee Council
  • ALIMA The Alliance for International Medical Action
  • Oxfam
  • Croix-Rouge Sénégalaise


1 Project Coordinator; HR & Finance Manager; Logistician; Water, Hygiene & Sanitation Project Manager; Nutrition Project Manager; Child Protection in Emergencies Project Manager.


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