Distribution nutrition Mali (Crédit ECHO)
The Central African Republic is currently experiencing a major political and humanitarian crisis. The Bioforce Institute therefore decided to carry out an assessment in April 2016 in Bangui to come to a clearer understanding of the requirements for capacity building in CAR.

This led to the development of a programme of short courses, focussing on basic skills, for the benefit of national staff working for national and international NGOs.

As part of this, Bioforce signed a partnership agreement in August 2016 with the Central African Agency for Vocational Training and Employment (ACFPE), a public entity whose role is to manage and promote employment opportunities and vocational training as well as to develop free enterprise. The ACFPE will make its offices available for the courses and will be jointly responsible for the smooth-delivery the training.

Training will take place in Bangui, between September and November 2016, and the five-day courses will focus on project management as well as financial and logistical management.  In this context of transition from emergency response to development work, a total of 130 staff from national NGOs will be able to develop their skills between now and the end of 2016, which will help improve the effectiveness and the quality of humanitarian work carried out in the Central African Republic.

Oct 11, 2016 By admin