On December 6th and 7th, Bioport Logistics hosted a 2-day operational workshop on air cargo chartering in emergencies. This real case scenario enabled to improve the logistics preparedness of 40 future logisticians of the aid sector.

“Working under pressure, coordinating their response, achieving the chartering of an AN-12 cargo plane as well as negotiating a contract with a broker were the expected outcomes”, said Nicolas Petit, head of logistic operations at Bioport.

Working closely with aid work key players such as Bioport Logistics, a humanitarian supply chain service provider, is a major capacity building process that benefits to Bioforce students. Thanks to this partnership, Bioforce is willing to prepare the future of emergency response mechanism.

During this operational workshop, a real case scenario simulation of a natural disaster emergency response was set up and students were divided into 2 subgroups representing each an NGO: they had to coordinate their response towards supplies, find transport solutions, prepare batch of documents for export-import customs. Last but not least, students had to decide if and how the 2 NGOs would work together in an emergency situation so as to save cost. The Bioport Logistics staff were playing the different stakeholders (NGO direction, transport broker…) and their guidance toward students was very much appreciated. At the end of the two days, our students were still very much in their role, finding solutions and making mistakes they will remember in real situations in the field.

Friday, December 9, 2016 By lyece