On 23rd September the Bioforce Institute will be in London to attend the biannual meeting of the Quality and Accountability Group, as a representative of capacity building organisations alongside others such as RedR.

Bioforce is particularly interested in the issues of quality and accountability, which are a core part of the humanitarian training courses it delivers. 
At this meeting, Bioforce and RedR will present new ideas to improve the quality of humanitarian training to the other members of the group: the Start Network, DEC, Sphere, ALNAP, HQAI, INGO Accountability Charter and the CDAC Network. 

About the Quality and Accountability Group 
It brings together several initiatives with the common goal of improving quality and accountability in humanitarian work, two notions which the Sphere Project explains in relation to aid organisations: "quality means identifying what you do right and improving it. That also involves establishing what needs to be changed to make sure you are meeting the needs of those who use your services. Accountability describes the ways in which organisations and projects get various groups involved in the decision-making process, in managing activities, and in assessing and questioning the outcomes." One of this group's main aims is to share information and innovative ideas to help humanitarian organisations work more effectively, for the benefit of vulnerable populations, as well as to streamline and harmonise the various initiatives working towards these goals.

Oct 11, 2016 By admin