Taking action locally.

Established at the heart of Vénissieux, in the surburbs of the city of Lyon, since 1986, Bioforce has shown its commitment to the metropolitan area through its work with local associations and young people.

Developing a local dynamic.

Supporting local organisations with the help of Bioforce students:  in 2018, 141 students got involved in 44 projects in the metropolitan area of Lyon, supervised by the Bioforce team. Their involvement varied according to the course they were following (operational support for youngest students, operational or methodological support to local charitable organisations for those taking qualification training programmes), the impact of which is recognised by local partner organisations:

79 % of the projects have allowed tools (activity monitoring, project management, communication, etc.) to be set up in the organisation being supported in order to improve its operation.
67% of the projects contributed to improving social cohesion among users and beneficiaries of the local organisations being supported.
Nearly half of the projects made it possible to develop new community action in the region.
7146 persons were directly reached by our students’ projects.

Students have supported organisations engaged in providing a better access to rights, fighting exclusion and poverty, fighting discrimination, encouraging social diversity, addressing the issue of disaffection from school...

Promoting citizenship and solidarity.

A dedicated team at Bioforce implements activities intended for our neighbourhood inhabitants, and particularly for young people, aiming to introduce them to the notions of solidarity, citizenship and commitment.  
The Festival des Jeunes Solidaires, organised with the social welfare centres Arc-en-Ciel (Saint-Fons), the Centre Associatif Boris Vian, Résolidaire69, and the SCD, aims to accompany the city’s youths in their solidary and citizen commitment desire. In 2018, it allowed, through a Projects Forum, exhibitions and workshops, to mobilise young people around citizenship issues, to get them to discover different ways to get involved and to highlight their local and international solidary actions. 

110 people attended the forum

65 young people

accompanied in their commitment

students got involved in 44 projects