Hassan El Sayed, new Director of Operations of Bioforce


Hassan El Sayed, new Director of Operations of Bioforce

In 2004, and just after getting his engineering degree from the Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées and his masters’ degree in development studies from Science Po Paris, Hassan...

Publié le 7 Nov 2018


CaLP, key player on Cash Transfer Programming in the humanitarian sector, becomes a partner of Bioforce

CaLP is the largest network of humanitarian actors engaged in policy, practice and research within cash transfer programming (CTP) bringing together UN, local and international NGO...

Publié le 17 Oct 2018

The Principality of Monaco and Bioforce, partners to improve the humanitarian response in West and Central Africa

On March 19th, the Government of the Principality of Monaco and Bioforce signed a partnership agreement for a period of 3 years: through this multi-year support to our Regional...

Publié le 3 Apr 2018

Expertise France and Bioforce signed a partnership agreement

Through this partnership, Bioforce is recognized for its " expertise in educational engineering, which allows it to translate a lack of performance into an apprenticeship programme...

Publié le 9 Mar 2018

Collaboration Centre for Quality Learning in Humanitarian Action

Creating quality standards to improve humanitarian response

Diouf lives near the border between two countries. Following the outbreak of civil war that led to an influx of population to his side of the border, he is working on a shelter...

Publié le 4 Jul 2017



Training Providers Forum workshop: Bioforce presents the results of a study on e-learning

The Bioforce Institute, a founding member of the Training Providers Forum, participated in an e-learning workshop, held on Monday 12 June at the RedR office in London. We presented...

Publié le 19 Jun 2017

Collaboration Centre for Quality Learning in Humanitarian Action

Pre-consultation on quality learning and assessment

They build the capacity of individuals and the organisations that employ them by providing learning and development support that meet individuals’ learning needs to effectively...

Publié le 28 Feb 2017

Claus Sørensen joins the Board of the Bioforce Institute

Between 2011 and 2015, Claus Sørensen also worked as Director General of ECHO, the European Commission's humanitarian aid and civil protection department, one of the leading...

Publié le 13 Feb 2017

In partnership with Bioport Logistics: emergency response training on air chartering with our students

“Working under pressure, coordinating their response, achieving the chartering of an AN-12 cargo plane as well as negotiating a contract with a broker were the expected outcomes”,...

Publié le 9 Dec 2016