Strenghening the organisations' crisis response capacities, where needed

With the increase in the number of crises and rapid changes in situations and responses, international organisations must adapt and support their staff.

We can support them with all changes such as a growing number of national staff, increased accountability and developing operational partnerships by providing them with the appropriate tools.
In crisis areas, there are also national and local NGOs and institutions taking action, who may or may not be partners with international organisations. They are directly affected and involved in managing these crises, are often the first on the ground to respond to them and are the ones who will lead the transition to recovery and development. 
Our main focus, as demonstrated by our work in Africa (Burkina Faso, Niger, CAR and Chad) and, for the first time in the Middle East, is to help prepare these organisations to be fully fledged players in the humanitarian response and increase their capacity to respond to any needs.

Photo : Melissa Leitch / European Union

Supporting organisations by developing bespoke learning programmes

Building the skills to tackle new challenges or new approaches in national and international teams and responding to a specific need identified by the teams in the field or expressed by their local partners: each year, a dedicated team develops tailor-made solutions to enable aid organisations to maximise their operational capacity and develop their teams’ and operational partners’ skills.

Organisations also use our organisational assessment solution to enhance their impact and evolve to take new challenges into account. Our experts conduct the assessment and evaluates the capacities of the organisations or their partners’, identifying areas for improvement on which to lead change and pinpointing the strengths on which to draw. Each assessment leads to recommendations on developing capacity building tools or actions.

    Building capacity in response to a crisis context

    In crisis areas, the key to saving lives is to respond quickly and effectively. This also means developing the capacity for a local response to ensure it is sustainable. This is our goal when we train local staff and organisations or institutions directly in the disaster areas and when we support civil society organisations in CAR and in Lebanon, Bioforce's first major project in the Middle East.

    Placing civil society in Tripoli back at the centre of redesigned local aid

    Central African Republic:
    Work on community resilience and crisis response