Developing skills,
building capacities.

In order to make the response to humanitarian crises more relevant and to ensure aid work has a greater impact on vulnerable populations, Bioforce has chosen to support those people who work to aid populations on a daily basis.

We offer training, support and accredited certification to national and international crisis response stakeholders, both individuals and organisations. We are developing new approaches, as well as shaping existing capacity building measures in support of the humanitarian community.

people’s skills

For over 30 years we have developed, strengthened and fostered the skills of both future actors as well as experienced humanitarians, national and international teams from organisations working in the field. Discover how with the Bioforce Institute.​​

Supporting international organisations

With the increasing number of crises and the rapidly changing operational environment, in particular in relation to security, international crisis response organisations are having to change the way they operate. Through its expertise and understanding of the field, the Bioforce Institute helps international organisations to identify their teams' requirements, and assists them in building capacity.
Discover how with the Bioforce Institute.

Developing the skills of local organisations and institutions

These are the people directly impacted and involved in managing such crises, because they are often the first ones on-site to deal with a crisis, so it is crucial to ensure local organisations and institutions are better prepared to manage crisis response in their own right. Discover how with the Bioforce Institute.