Due to the uncertainties related to the evolution of the coronavirus epidemic and the likely lack of visibility of events organisation before the end of the summer, the SOHP 2020 conference , scheduled on June 23rd, is postponed to the autumn

With the support of the Principality of Monaco, Bioforce launched mid-2019 the first international study on Humanitarian Professions: the State of Humanitarian Professions 2020 will give you deep insights on today’s state of 24 humanitarian professions and what their future will be.

A review of existing data and publications was the starting point for the study. This was followed by:

  • a study based on more than 90 key informants interviews in the 24 professional areas identified;
  • a survey of active humanitarian practitioners (750 responses); and to complement the information gathered,
  • 11 workshops around the world (France, Switzerland, Senegal, Sierra Leone, UK, Bangladesh, Uganda, Burkina Faso, USA, Colombia) to ensure that the study captured inputs and insights from the field, from different geographical areas and different types of humanitarian contexts.

Bioforce and the SOHP 2020 Advisory Group (Humanity and Inclusion, NRC, ALNAP, CHS Alliance, PHAP, ICRC and the United Nations' World Food Programme) will be pleased to share and discuss with you the results of this reference study at an international conference in Geneva in the autumn. We are also considering enriching this study by sharing at the conference the lessons learnt from the Covid-19 crisis and their impact on humanitarian professions.

Wednesday, May 6, 2020 By marie