Last December, Bioforce began leading a 5-day training with 5 Community-Based Organisations (CBOs) in Miniyeh in North Lebanon and 5 CBOs in Jeb Jennin in West Bekaa under the IJMAA project implemented by Mercy Corps in Lebanon.

The training aims to build the capacity of CBOs in project cycle management and donor engagement. Following the training, a series of on-site coaching sessions tailored to the specific needs of each CBO will be carried out, in partnership with North LEDA. 


The IJMAA project, funded by the Foreign Commonwealth Office UK in Lebanon, and implemented by a consortium led by Mercy Corps, aims to reduce tension amongst and between Lebanese communities, refugees, and local government bodies through encouraging dialogue and implementing peacebuilding mechanisms such as mediation, dispute resolution, and providing rapid stabilisation responses, particularly in relation to solid waste management, within two Unions of Municipalities (Minnieh and Bouhayra).

Friday, January 24, 2020 By marie