Serving the needs of the humanitarian community​​​​​​​

MISSION In 2008, the United Nations Development Programme defined capacity building as​:

'the process through which individuals, organizations and societies obtain, strengthen and maintain the capabilities to set and achieve their own development objectives over time'. 

In light of this definition, at Bioforce we break down crisis response capacity building into three parts: 

Individuals: we create, develop and build the capacity of the people involved by tailoring our programmes to suit different profiles. 

Organisations: we support organisations involved in responding to humanitarian crises to develop their tools, management systems and staff.

Sector: on a broader level, we develop and strengthen the humanitarian sector, defined as a community of professionals in its own right with its own norms, guidelines and codes, all of the organisations and people who form it, and its own capacity building mechanisms. 

Through our work we aim to have an impact at all three levels. The Bioforce teams mainly focus on developing skills, however they also work directly and indirectly on other aspects of capacity building:


Claus Sørensen : "Capacity Building is a major humanitarian issue for today and tomorrow. "