MANDATE The capacity of humanitarian crisis response teams determines the quality of aid received and ensures the response is relevant, efficient, sustainable and adheres to humanitarian principles.

We firmly believe that the quality of humanitarian aid​ for vulnerable populations depends greatly on the capacity of the organisations and individuals involved. As such, every day we invest our energy and expertise in improving these capacities.

We firmly believe that international and local organisations can work together in the field, and that this gives a rightful place to stakeholders who are already on site, who can access crisis situations most quickly, who understand the local context, the security issues, the culture and people. As such, we make it our priority to invest our energy and expertise in supporting this cooperative approach.

We offer training, support and accredited certification to national and international crisis response stakeholders, both individuals and organisations.​

We firmly believe that capacity building is a critically important issue today. As such, we invest our energy and expertise in ensuring that this is recognised by all of the organisations and institutions in the humanitarian community. 

We develop new approaches, as well as shape existing capacity building measures in support of the humanitarian community.​


1083 people trained in our regional centres in Lyon and Dakar


Serving the needs of the humanitarian community