This document officializes a bespoke set of ethical and regulatory guidelines that help our organization's contracted and affiliated individuals to maintain high standards of behavior in all activities and environments associated with the Bioforce Institute.

This code applies to all persons having a contractual and/or moral relationship with the Bioforce Institute:

  • Bioforce Institute Board of trustees,
  • Bioforce Institute staff,
  • Staff family members in the areas of deployment,
  • External trainers, speakers.

This code must be signed personally by all the individuals concerned, and applies worldwide to all persons involved with the Bioforce Institute either on a contractual basis or by affiliation.

A Code of Conduct specifically dedicated to the trainees will be annexed to the Policies and Regulations for Bioforce Institute Trainees and will be signed by each of them.

Donwload the Code of Conduct and the Complaint Procedure Form as a PDF

This code must be applied, promoted, and upheld by all Bioforce Institute contracted and affiliated individuals.

Complaint Procedure Form

Before filling the form, please read the Code of Conduct describing the procedure.