About Bioforce

Over 35 years

Budget of 5.7M €

60 members of staff

2 training centres

Governance & Team

The Bioforce Institute is an organisation working for the public interest. In this section you can meet the people behind the scenes, including the members of the board of trustees, who help develop the strategy and vote on the broad guidelines, as well as the management team which directs the operational activities.​


With a budget of €5.2m at its disposal in 2015, discover more about the organisations which offer financial support to the Bioforce Institute, where our resources come from and their distribution.


The Bioforce Institute carries out its work with the full collaboration and cooperation of its public and private, national and international, operational partners. Discover more about the organisations which placed their trust in us in 2015.

Annual Report

Every year Bioforce reports on its activities at its general meeting. Read all about our programmes, projects and key figures in the 2015 report.

Taking Action Locally

Established at the heart of Vénissieux, in the surburbs of the city of Lyon, since 1986, Bioforce has shown its commitment to the metropolitan area through its work with local associations and young people.


It all began locally, when a doctor and entrepreneur from Lyon, Charles Mérieux, came to the conclusion that no aid work was possible without logistics support.